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How to Design a Notification

Step-by-step guide to creating notifications, adding content, and setting channel priority in the Courier Designer.

Building Your First Notification

Designing a notification that's ready for a developer to send to users requires completion of 5 simple steps.

Create a Notification

Select the Designer in the left-hand navigation, and click Create Notification.

Create Your Notification

Add Notification Channels

Before you can customize a notification with content, you need to add at least one channel by clicking the + Add Channel button.

Add a Channel to Your Notification

After you click + Add Channel, you have two options for adding Channels:

Option 1: Add Channel Types

You can add one of four channel types: email, push, SMS, or direct message.

Users Have the Option to Choose Between Channels

This option allows users to integrate one or more providers per channel.

Users Can Have Multiple Providers Per Channel

Option 2: Add Integration Channels

You also have the option to add an individual integration as a standalone channel.

Integration as its Own Channel

A single-integration channel allows users to set send rules and send priority for a specific provider within your channel hierarchy.

Channel Hierarchy
Integrate a provider

Before you can send a Notification, you must integrate a channel provider.

If you see a red exclamation icon, that means the channel does not have an integrated provider.

Read: How to add an integration to a channel.

A Channel Needs to be Integrated

Prioritize Channels and Integrations

Channel and Integration send priority is set on a per-notification basis. There are two levels of priority you can set for channels: Best of and Always.

channel routing rules gif

Channel Routing Rules

Best of Prioritization

  • Courier attempts to send your notifications using the top to bottom priority order in the "Best of" channels list.
  • You can change the priority of your channels using drag and drop.
  • Best of is defined as the first channel where the Profile data is complete (as defined in the integration docs for that provider)
  • Best of does not currently fallback if the send is unsuccessful, only when the profile data is incomplete.

Always Prioritization

  • It's possible to set a notification to always send through certain channels.
  • Courier will attempt to send the notifications through every channel in the "Always send" list in addition to the channels in the "Best of" list.
  • To set a channel as "Always send", open the channel settings and flip the toggle from "Best of" to "Always". You can do this for one or more channels in the notification.

Prioritizing Integrations within Channels

  • It's possible to add more than one Integration per channel.
  • Open the Channel settings to drag and drop Integrations and set their priority.

Read more: Setting send priority rules for channels and integration.

Create Channel Content

Click to open a channel and begin creating content. Use the content toolbar to add content blocks and customize the content within them. These blocks are reusable across channels - so you only have to build your content once.

Channel requirements

Adding at least one Channel to a Notification is required before you can start adding content.

Build Your Notification with Content Blocks

Build Once, Send Everywhere

Once you've built the content in one channel, simply open another and pull in the blocks you've already created from the content Library. Courier dynamically adjusts content blocks to match every channel's technical specifications.

You can use the toolbar to add new, reusable content blocks in any channel.

reusable content gif

Reuse Content Blocks in Your Channels

Publish Changes

Whenever you make a change to the content, channel priority, notification or channel settings, integrations, etc. you must publish the changes to production by clicking the "Publish Changes" button.


"Did I Publish Changes?" is always a good place to start when troubleshooting.

Publish Your Changes
Changes Published

Roll-Back Changes

You can roll back to any previously published versions in the Notification Settings under Publish History.

Rollback Changes

There you have it! A notification with prioritized channels that's ready for a developer to integrate, connect to an Event and send via the Courier Send API.