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Customizing Email Address Fields

How to set the sender name and email address for your email notification's 'From', 'Reply To', 'CC' and 'BCC' fields.

Courier allows you to define the From name and email by default or per notification.

The Reply to, CC, and BCC addresses are set per notification within the channel settings.

Setting the 'From' Name and Email Address

You can set the 'From' name and email address for email notifications in two ways:

  1. The default provider integration settings
  2. On a per-channel basis using the email channel settings.

The channel settings will always override the default provider integration settings on the channel and notification where they are set.

Setting Default Address Fields in the Integration Settings

By default, email notifications will use the from name and email address you set in your provider integration settings.

Some providers allow us to provide you a From Email Address field alongside a From Name field.

Email From Field

When the provider integration settings don't allow a Sender Name field use the Sender Name <> format to define the from name that will display in your recipient's email client.

Email From Field

Overriding the Default From Name and Email Via Channel Settings

To override the integration default and define your sender name for a specific channel within a single notification, open the channel settings.

Channel Settings

Once you open the channel settings you'll see the email configuration fields for setting the From email.

Use the Sender Name <> format to define a name.

Setting the 'Reply To', 'CC' and 'BCC' Addresses

To set the Reply To, CC and BCC addresses, open the email channel settings and add your email addresses into the corresponding fields.


You can use variables to dynamically set any of these email addresses.

General Notificaiton Settings