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Using Send Conditions

How to set conditional send rules to disable Notifications or Channels using properties from the Send API data object or User Profile.

Using the Conditions functionality in the Notification and Channel settings allows you to use properties from the data or profile objects provided by the Send API call or User Profile to prevent the notification from sending when specific conditions are met.

If you want to disable the entire notification, set your conditions in the Notification Settings. To disable specific Channels within the Notification, set your condition in the Channel settings.

  • Channel conditions only apply to the channel where you set them.
  • You cannot disable specific integrations within the channel. If you want to be able to disable specific integrations based on Conditions, add set the integration(s) as a stand-alone channel(s) in the notification.

Setting Send Conditions

For Notifications and Channels

Open the Notification / Block Settings and select the Conditions tab.

Notification Settings
Channel Settings

For Content Blocks

Open the conditional settings modal from the content block you wish to set conditions to.

Content Block Conditions

Setting Conditions

  1. Select the source of the property and values to either render or hide when certain conditions are met.

You can access nested values using dot notation.

Conditions Source
  1. Set the property name, operator and value that you want to disable/enable the notification, channel, or content block.
Condition Operators

If you set multiple conditions, all conditions must be met to disable the message.

Multiple Conditions