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Hosted Page

The hosted Preference Center is an external page that recipients are redirected to where they can customize and set their preferred notification delivery methods.

Recipient Preference Center

A recipient can select to opt-in or out of a notification (depending on the subscription topic default state) as well as select the preferred delivery channel for a notification (business-tier feature) from this page.

When using a notification template, users can attach a Courier Preference Center hyperlink that will provide an auto-generated link. This link will open the hosted Preference Center; the recipient will be able to establish their notifications preferences at this page.

User Id

In order for a recipient to successfully set their preferences from a notification, you must include to.user_id in the Send request. This is because the user_id ties the recipient profile to their set preferences. If no user_id is present in the request, the preferences method will not register. For send v1, the user_id can be mapped to the recipient parameter.

Add text to the notification template, highlight it, and select the create link icon.

Preferences URL Creation

In the hyperlink modal, add {$.urls.preferences} inside the URL form.

Preferences URL

The resulting link will look like this.

Notification Template With Preferences Hyperlink

Edit footer text, highlight it, and select the create link icon.

Brand Editor Footer Edit
Brand Editor Footer Preferences URL Creation

In the hyperlink modal, add {$.urls.preferences} inside the URL form.

Brand Editor Preferences URL

The resulting link will look like this.

Brand Template With Preferences Hyperlink

When you use this brand when using a notification, the hyperlink will be shown like this.

Notification Template Using Brand With Preferences Hyperlink

Preference Center Branding

Just like with email templates, the Preference Center can be customized to fit your branding style. The Preference Center will use the the specified default brand.

Default Brand Selected
Customized Preference Center

Previewing the Preference Center

You can see a preview of the Preference Center from the Preferences tab in the Courier designer.

Select Preview Recipients

Sending a preview email will attach a mock URL instead of the preference hosted page.

Email Preview Will Send a Mock Preference URL

To preview the Hosted Preference Page, navigate to the Preference Designer and click on Preview Page.

Preference designer view

Customizing Delivery Channels

If a notification template has multiple delivery channels configured, a recipient will be able to customize and set their preferred delivery channel from the Preferences Page.

Business Tier Feature

Delivery Channel customization is a Courier Business feature. Please contact our Product Experts for more details.

Once a recipient receives a notification with a link to the Preference Center, they will have the option to select their preferred delivery channel method. Any further notifications sent to this recipient will adhere by the delivery rules set going forward.

Preference Center With Delivery Channels

Removing Powered by Courier branding

Developer and Business tier customers have the option to remove Courier branding from the Preference Center.

  1. Go to the workspace settings
  2. Toggle Powered by Courier Footer to Hide
  3. Republish hosted page in Preference Center
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