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Courier Live: Content, Notifications, and IoT

Posted by Aydrian Howard on February 10th, 2021

On February 2nd and 3rd, Shy Ruparel joined me for another Courier and Contentful crossover stream. This time, we decided to play around with an IoT E-ink display and use it to show the latest posts from Contentful and send notifications using Courier. 

During Tuesday's Contentful Live we started working with the newly released Adafruit MagTag. The MagTag is a 2.9" grayscale E-Ink display that can show data on its screen even when power is removed. Using CircuitPython, we reached out to the Contentful GraphQL API and retrieved some of the latest blog posts from the Contentful website to display it on the e-ink screen. 

The next day on Courier Live, we added the ability to send the displayed blog post to the Show and Tell channel in Courier’s Discord Community using the Courier Send API.

Check out the videos below to watch us:

  • Query the Contentful GraphQL API for a random blog post

  • Update the MagTag E-Ink display

  • Send a request to Courier using the Send API when a button is pushed

  • Create a Courier Profile for the Discord channel using the Profiles API

  • Create a Notification for Discord

  • Demo the full functionality of the MagTag

Check out the full project code available on GitHub.

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Aydrian Howard