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Courier Live: Sending Interactive Emails Built With Parcel

Posted by Aydrian Howard on October 28th, 2020

For our October 21st Courier Live, Avi Goldman joined me to talk about building Interactive Emails using Parcel. Parcel is a code editor built for email development. It streamlines your development workflow to help you rapidly code high-quality emails. Together we walked through building an Interactive Welcome Email that prompts the recipient to select how they want to be contacted. We then used these selections to add the recipient to the appropriate Courier Lists.

Check out the video below to watch us:

  • Talk about Parcel and Interactive Emails

  • Build an Interactive Welcome Email using Parcel

  • Add the Interactive Welcome Email to Courier using the Handlebars Override

  • Connect the email submission using email tracking to a Glitch App running Node.js and ExpressJS

  • Send and Demo the finished email

Code for the Node.js/ExpressJS server and email html can be found in the Courier-Parcel Glitch application.

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Aydrian Howard